• Headquartered in Halifax NS

    We have been delivering training worldwide for nearly 20 years

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With over 50 classroom ready, customizable courses for us to come to your office We have the solution to your people problems. No people problems? Congrats...you are the one we heard about.

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Want to purchase some course material that is classroom ready. You can use our courses. We've delivered these ourselves to thousands of students in over 40 industries. We can help you get started.

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Online Learning

Need help getting your learning online? We have a few tools to make this easy We start with our own courses you can purchase. We have an LMS that you can use. And you can customize all of our online learning to reflect the way "you do things". Branding and all.

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Competency Maps

We approach competency mapping and performance management a little different than most. High level competencies are great, performance review are OK, but what if you could get better results with just a little more elbow grease, and a few tweaks?

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Looking for a Designation?

We have a learning path that will solidify you as the professional you feel you are. Adding some skills and a designation will let
your employer know you mean business. Now you have the credentials to back that claim up. Join thousands of candidates
and designates worldwide.

Accelerate Your Career
The Administrative Leader

If you are an Administrative Professional you should read more about the CCPL-A.

Supervisor Designation

Been recently promoted to a supervisory position? You should pursue the CCPL-S. Like being a supervisor? Read more... 

Managing People

If you are a manager because you have the experience and the credentials, but want more? Look at the CCPL-M designation.

Corporate Trainer

It can sometimes be a thankless job working as the trainer within a company. Get extra skills you need to deliver amazing training as a CCPL-T.

Team Lead/Lead Hand

What-ever title you have the more you understand what is expected and the more skills you have the better. Make it a success. CCPL-LH

Private Training Firm

The CCPL-T is a great place to start. Learn from the experts. Once certified you can learn how to become a part of the CCPL Designation delivery team.