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Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
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Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Recognized in the Professional Environment
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Lead to Greater Challenges and Opportunities
A CCAPA Designation Sets You Apart

Gain a Competitive Advantage

The CCAPA designation helps you stand out among administrative professionals. When a potential employer looks at your resume they value and desire applicants and employees who continuously update their skills.

Get Training & Ongoing Support

AAP members can attend professional development opportunities offered directly through their local branches. Becoming an AAP member can provide you with webinars and other e-learning opportunities.

Propel Your Career

Earn your CCAPA designation and be confident your efforts will be recognized in the professional environment, leading to greater challenges, opportunities, and financial remuneration.

How to Earn Your CCAPA Designation

What Members Are Saying

The Association has provided me with the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and take on challenges that are not within my skill set.

My employment has benefited greatly because I have learned to be very confident in my abilities and I am always willing to not only take on new responsibilities and tasks but to also share everything that I learn with others. The wonderful friends I have made continually inspire me to grow as a person, teach me to see things in differently, and support me in my endeavours!

- Wendy N.

My boss is very enthusiastic and supportive of my studies and of my working towards this designation.

She sees that not only will it benefit me but it benefits the organization to support me in growing myself as an Executive Assistant.

It’s been wonderful to meet new people and challenge myself to learn new things. I have truly enjoyed my studies so far. I also love the flexibility that I can take the courses online as I have 2 small children and a partner who works shift work, so committing myself to one night per week at class was difficult! Thank you to the Association for providing such a wonderful program to assist all of us to grow, learn and evolve in our roles.

- Sue C.

As a member of the Association, as well as an Executive Board Member, I have had numerous opportunities to network, grow and thrive.

I have been given the opportunity to attend countless events, conferences, workshops, meetings and meet people I never thought I would meet. I have created lasting relationships with a lot of the members as well as the other members of the Executive Board. With all of these connections, I feel enriched and supported to do anything I set myself up for and I am encouraged to work hard, continue learning and keep growing.

- Dixie D.

Learn More About the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP)
Want to Learn More About AAP?

Benefits of Membership:

  • Learn about and discuss current and relevant topics to office professionals.
  • Attend seminars and workshops facilitated by nationally recognized speakers.
  • Utilize and expand leadership and organizational skills.
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How Does It Work?

Whether you want to set yourself apart from the competition when an employer looks at your resume, enhance your existing professional skills, or add more value within your organization the CCAPA designation and being an AAP member is what you want to do.

In 1951, an enterprising group of 35 women, aided and encouraged by two gentlemen, Mr. W. G. Frisby and Dr. W. J. Dunlop, both prominent in educational circles, took action. The Association they formed was to establish a national standard of qualifications for senior secretaries and to help reach this standard by providing facilities for advanced education and a common meeting ground for the exchange of ideas. The result gave a senior secretary a new title, Administrative Assistant, and made management aware of the value of the fully-qualified administrative assistant.

The AAP now administers the CCAPA program along with Think Business Training. The courses have been created for administrative professionals who prefer to work independently online and are not interested in the full leadership/management Centre of Expertise.

All applicants wishing to register as a CCAPA student must already be a member of the Association of Administrative Professionals (the AAP). Refer to the membership page for general membership forms. Once your AAP membership is confirmed by the Treasurer you will have access to our online portal. Through the portal you will be able to enroll in the CCAPA program.

Courses cover the four Centres of Expertise. There are four courses required to complete the CCAPA program consisting of one compulsory course and three elective courses. Courses are taken through the AAP’s online portal. Courses can be taken in any order.

There is no minimum number of years of experience to enroll in the CCAP program. Experience can be accumulated while you are working through the program. However, to be awarded the certification you must have a minimum of three years’ work experience or two years’ experience if you have a Bachelor of Administration. Work experience must be verified by a supervisor/manager.

To earn your CCAPA designation: 1. Fill out the online application. 2. Enroll in your courses. 3. Complete your work experience. This can be done in parallel with completing your four courses. 4. Pass the exam and earn your designation, propel your job into the career of your dreams.

Benefits to Employers

The Association Helps Its Members to Increase:


as educated personnel committed to continued self-improvement.


to manage people, situations, and equipment.


to embrace new challenges in emerging business and technology trends.

Demonstrated Compatibility

to work as a productive member of a team.

Exposure to Resources

that provide instant access to valuable information, resources and networks.

What You Get
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Access to 4 courses of your choosing
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Attend national webinars
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Annual salary guide from Office Team
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Meet and network with colleagues across Canada
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Access to branch newsletters
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Sponsor benefits, services, and discounts
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Executive Secretary Magazine
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
UPS savings on shipping services
Courses and Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Access to Resume Target

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