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The Certified Corporate Professional Leader Designation shows you’re serious about success in your career. The core competencies you will learn via our online learning platform will be everlasting and potentially life changing. 

The Certified Professional Leader designations signify your commitment to ongoing professional education and training for career growth. Our designations, introduced in 2002 and supported by the ISO 9001 standards, our courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU).


Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning isn't new, but it is virtually unheard of in our market. At Think Business Training we are excited to provide both local and international designations now that focus on competencies and not just courses.

We offer a suite of Certified Corporate Professional Leader (CCPL) programs which include:

Competency mapping and tracking of roles (jobs) within an organization helps leaders work with their subordinates to identify gaps in skills and build a learning path for the person in that role. It enables a more detailed discussion around how a business would invest in their people to ensure their training meets personal and company goals together.

competency mapping & performance management

Why Competencies?

By focusing more on the role their people play in their organization and to develop a learning plan based on the gaps in skills within these roles.

There is a logical path to becoming a more successful organization by investing in the people who help run the business; this is accomplished through competency mapping and performance management.

Done well, a comprehensive talent management strategy offers an opportunity for companies to move beyond performance reviews for accountability. By focusing on increasing every employee's abilities, allowing them to apply them, positive contributions to the organization follow.

Think Business Training - Local Delivery & Global Reach

Why Think Training?

Think Business Training is a Halifax-based learning organization that develops and delivers professional leadership programs to businesses around the world. Through their commitment to continuous learning in the adult environment, they developed competency-base leadership designations tuned for specific roles within an organization. 

Think Business Training provides certified learning and skills development programs that empower employees to champion your business success. We have a software/courseware/online learning and implementation support that will change the way you think about your people..

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