Computer Intro Projects

Designed to help individuals with project management, which is the art of aligning resources and schedules to accomplish all of the various tasks that comprise a project.

At the end of the day you will have an understanding of the most popular time saving and job assisting tools.

Other Microsoft applications, like Excel or Word, can be used in a very general way. That is, you can use a program like Word to compose and format practically anything that you need to present as written work. In Excel, you can build a worksheet to analyze just about any type of information that is suited to a tabular format.

Project, on the other hand, has a more specific focus. This program is designed as a tracking and planning tool for endeavors that involve sub-tasks, multiple resources, and various scheduling goals and priorities. This does not mean that Project lacks versatility. You can use Project to help plan and organize anything from a software development process, to a major construction job, to the expansion of a company.

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