Admin Leader

The Administrative Leader is a two-day workshop designed for those who work in support positions.

It is geared toward helping them improve their everyday performance in an office environment. Administrative Leaders are found throughout many organizations delaing with internal and external customers. We help you be the best at the role and your chosen profession.

These two days will help you identify your personality preferences, and help you build better relationships with those around you and with the person to whom you report. You will learn techniques for leadership skill development, and enhance those three critical communication skills, active listening, skillful use of questions, and an awareness of what your body language says about you.

The course will give you the tools you need to understand the importance of, and improve your ability to demonstrate a professional presence on the job. Taking the course will help you to improve your ability to organize, plan, prioritize and self-manage. It will also help you improve your critical communication skills such as listening, asking questions and understanding body language. You will develop strategies for managing difficult people and situations and you will be provided with techniques for becoming more confident in your role as an administrative leader.


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