Professional Supervisor

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This workshop develops the key competencies required for supervisors or managers in any organization. 

It is for individuals currently working in supervisory positions who wish to improve their ability to adapt to the change of pace in their responsibilities, and who want to gain fresh insights into the nature of their work role.

An introductory workshop for recently appointed supervisors, experienced supervisors with no formal training in the field, and managers who wish to acquire a better  understanding of the nature , scope and responsibilities of the supervisory management position. The Professional Supervisor helps prepare participants in developing the specific knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to enhance their supervisory management capabilities.

  • Comprehend the scope, nature and responsibility of the supervision/management role and the demands this role places on them.
  • Acquire an understanding of their role as leaders, team builders and good communicators, and how these skills impact on effective supervision of their team.
  • Grasp the importance of setting goals, planning and prioritizing, in order to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Accept the viewpoint that they are responsible for achieving results through the efforts of others.