MBTI Introduction

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A short introductory course. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator can help you understand yourself and others.

The MBTI Myers Brigs Type Indicator Short Course can help you understand why you find some people easy to be with, to work, talk or have fun with, whereas with others it tends to be stressful or hard work; how you seem to be in sync with some people and out of step with others; how you quite consistently meet the expectations of some individuals and frequently disappoint others. Perhaps more importantly, it can help you understand yourself.

The main them of the one-day seminar, “Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others” is  to introduce participants to  the idea that by knowing oneself, one is better equipped to work with others.  The key element of this workshop is the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator – the MBTI.  This tool for looking at personality and individual differences, is the framework that provides the backdrop for interactions amongst individuals whether in the workplace or outside.  

The MBTI is the basis for discussing communication styles, leadership styles and time management skills.  When we understand how and why we are different, we are better equipped to focus on developing a sensitivity to individual wants and needs.