Leadership In The Workplace

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An effective supervisor/manager knows that doing their job well take more than simply conducting performance reviews and disciplining their staff. 

One reason people quit jobs is that they never feel welcome or become a part of the organization they join.  They don’t have the skills they need and they never learn those skills on the job.  If they don’t quit, they may become problem employees.  An effective supervisor/manager knows that performance management is more than conducting performance reviews or disciplining the people who work for them. Performance management is an umbrella term for the many activities supervisors and managers must undertake in order to have engaged and productive employees. 

  • Understand the difference between leadership and management, and when each is appropriate.
  • Identify ways to clarify roles and expectations for employees
  • Recognize characteristics of the generations in the workplace and have some strategies for dealing with each.
  • Give employees effective feedback on performance.
  • Improve ability to delegate effectively
  • Recognize ways to manage each employee’s performance
  • Understand when and how to discipline employees