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When we own something or create something, we invest a part of ourselves into it; it becomes an extension of ourselves. 

When we own something or create something, we invest a part of ourselves into it – it becomes an extension of ourselves. This phenomenon is called the “endowment effect”. In a nutshell, the endowment effect occurs when we take ownership of an object (or idea, or person); in becoming “ours” it becomes integrated with our sense of identity.

A critical part of performance management is helping employees feel like they create or own their own goals, so they feel like they have reasonable targets to aim for. 

What Participants Will Learn:

  • Recognize the importance of goal-setting as part of the performance management process
  • Recognize what a SMART goal looks like and Clarify the characteristics of an effective goal
  • Recognizing some of the mistakes we make when setting goals, for ourselves or others
  • Practice the skills involved in goal-setting discussions with employees 
  • Recognize how you can build stretch into employee goals and still make them feel like the goals are theirs.