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In a world where employees want to be involved in the decision-making process, learn how to facilitate a discussion.

Facilitation Fundamentals is an online workshop geared to those who find themselves in the position of facilitator in a group session, whether the group is engaged in strategic planning or group meetings. Participants will learn techniques for having people participate in and own the solutions to problems by building consensus. 

How can you facilitate rather than control group and team decision- making and interaction? Managers are often asked to "facilitate" rather than "instruct" or "manage" meetings, training sessions, team meetings, and other small groups.  Sometimes it is difficult to make that transition from "instructor" to "facilitator".

  • Distinguish facilitation from instruction and understand the facilitation role.
  • Identify the competencies linked to effective small-group facilitation, such as facilitative listening skills, ways of honoring all points of view, asking open questions to gain opinions and feedback, observation of nonverbal message, flexibility, support and rapport-building skills.
  • Develop methods for hearing all points of view and developing participative problem-solving processes.
  • Demonstrate, through simulations, role play, critical incidents and other exercises, each facilitator competency. 
  • Identify those techniques that will be most effective in difficult facilitation assignments.
  • Have an increased ability to facilitate more effectively by redirecting difficult individual or group dynamics into side-by-side solution finding.